The Phenomenon

Posted by Anonymous User
06-12-2232 03:42 AM

I was at my best friend’s birthday party when I first witnessed the phenomenon. At the age of twelve, I watched as she was complaining to her mom.

Her mom was attempting to calm her when she complained, “Oh my god mom, why don’t you just kill me!”

Her mom turned white and gasped. I swear I thought I heard her quietly mutter “No…”

Then to my horror, I saw my friend’s eyes suddenly roll back in her head and she dropped to the ground. Other nearby adults came to help, but her mom just shook her head. Someone must have called the police or something. Some people came and took the body. I remember no one tried to resuscitate her. They all seemed to just accept she was gone.

Any questions I tried to ask about it at the time were pushed aside or deflected, if not outright ignored. I was told repeatedly I shouldn’t talk about it. I kept wondering what happened and why no one wanted to talk about, or even acknowledge it.

About four years later I was at my locker in school when I heard the boy standing next to me quietly say to himself “I hate my life, I just want to die.” A moment later he slumped to the ground. Panicking I reached down to help him, but his body was already cold. As though he had been dead for hours.

A teacher noticed him on the ground and came up to see what was going on. As I started to say “He said…” The teacher cut me off looking down at him.

“Do not repeat what he said, I understand well enough.” Then they sent me off with no further explanation except to look me in the eyes and tell me in a very serious tone, “Whatever you do, do not repeat what he said for any reason.”

I have come to understand that if anyone says aloud any phrase that involves killing themselves or asking to be killed or dying in any way, they will just drop dead on the spot. But no one talks about it, it’s some unspoken law or taboo that everyone just seems to accept.

The only people I have been able to find who will talk about any of this are the users on this message board. But a lot on this board seems to be wild speculation or conspiracy theories. Everything from it being the wrath of God to the thought of it being caused by government chips inserted in our brains at birth to cull the weak-willed and foolish.

I found one post that said talking about it out loud in detail can cause people to collapse too. Out of all the posts I have found, that one was the most well written and coherent and the fact anytime I’ve tried to broach the subject growing up no one was receptive makes me feel there may be something to this.

I know I may be tempting fate, but tomorrow I am graduating and I am the valedictorian of the largest class in a hundred years. The national news has decided to cover it live. It is my intention to talk about this, all of this in detail. My real speech has been kept hidden from everyone, as I’m certain no one would approve of it.

Tonight may be the last time I look upon the moon as it shines down upon me through the window of my darkened room. I am scared of what tomorrow may bring. But I feel someone has to say something out loud. Even if this is a government program or some curse of the gods. We need to find a way to stop whatever is killing innocent people and I feel talking about it on the national stage is the first big step. I hope I am here tomorrow night to post about it…

~ Change can be difficult when it’s necessary

Replied to by Anonymous User
06-13-2232 01:42 AM

For those of you who did not see, her name was Rose. I watched as she stood before her class of thousands and started to speak. The crowd gasping as they realized what she was talking about. She only talked for a few moments then she just suddenly stopped midsentence and fell over. The headmaster walked up to the podium and started handing out diplomas as if nothing had happened. Other than names being called, no one said a word. The students received their diplomas. Each one walking up, most obviously trying to avoid looking at her until two men pulled the body off stage and carried it away. Throughout it all The TV feed never cut or went to commercial, they showed it all, they wanted us to see…


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