The Mark

In a perfectly pressed tux, the tall dark-haired man entered the room and all eyes were drawn to him. He was the most handsome man any of them had seen. As he walked by the women blushed and the men glared.

Walking up to the bar in this campaign rally he simply said, “Whiskey, neat” The barkeeper poured his drink and handed it to him. He took it, “Thank you, keep the change,” he said in a crisp even tone. Pulling out a fifty, he set it on the bar and walked away. He made his way into the room and smiled slightly as several eyes followed him.

“Reginald, there you are. So glad you could make it.” A portly man came over to him followed by a cloud of cigar smoke.

Reginald grimaced but only for a moment then he smiled and showed his perfect teeth. ‘Well, hello Edward so good to see you,” he said his eyes anything but merry.

The larger man continued oblivious to the obvious signs, “I’m so glad you could come, I hope we can count on a sizable donation.” Most of the crowd had lost interest in interaction.

In a hushed tone Reginald said, “Laying in on a little thick, aren’t we?”

 For a brief moment, the merriment went out of Edward’s eyes, “Trying to blow my cover?” He responded quietly, “Why are you here?” and then loudly he laughed and took a long pull on his cigar blowing it out in the direction of the few people who had gathered closer.

The looks of disgust from the women and the anger from the men he met with a smile. As they walked away to give them space and escape the cloud he whispered again, “Well?”

Reginald smiled and quietly said, “A contract was put out on the Candidate, I’m here to stop any attempts.” Edwards face lost its composure for a brief moment. The façade did not drop for long, and the smile returned within moments.

Edward pulled out his pocket watch and said out loud, “His speech is due to start any minute.” Reginald took the queue and he projected his voice politely saying his goodbyes. He began walking among the crowd looking at the faces. He recognized most of them from their bio’s and discounted those who were known to him.

She was just suddenly before him, in a pale silvery blue gown. Short cropped blonde hair. He paused and looked at her, he was captivated by her beauty. Standing before him she looked up at him, her clear blue eyes looking into his.

Smiling she said, “Excuse me,” he went to step aside, but saw through the slit in her dress the glint of metal. As she went to step by him, he dropped his drink and grabbed her. In one quick motion, his fingers found the dagger on her thigh. She was pinned against him, he had one of her hands gripped behind her back and the other was crushed into his chest. If she was surprised, she hid it well, in a soft sultry voice she said, “Well, you got me. Now, what are you going to do with me?”

The scent of her was intoxicating, he had never felt so helpless while being in control. The crowd around them murmured in surprise at the outburst. Some of the men were making their way towards the two of them. With one hand on her dagger, he used the free one to explore her but found no other weapons. The disapproving grumbles grew from the crowd.

She took all of this in stride, still looking in his eyes she leaned in and kissed him. The crowd’s tone changed to one of wonder and jealousy. He returned the kiss as passion flooded his brain. It seemed to last an eternity. But as it finally ended, he released her, taking the dagger, and tucking it into his sleeve so no one saw it. She smiled and winked and walked away and out the door.

The crowd lost interest and Edward came up with a billow of smoke to ensure room and asked, “And that was about?”

Reginald still looking at the door she had left by replied, “That was our assassin, and I think I need to find out just who she is.”

His portly companion Snorted a laugh, saying, “Because?”

Reginald looked him in his eyes and said, “Because I think I’m in love.”

The night’s speech went off without a hitch, no one else was in the crowd. That night after he was debriefed Reginald started researching to find the woman assassin who had stolen his heart.


Story inspired by an image prompt from
the Facebook group Writer’s Island
Also find them on Instagram

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