The Smell of Fresh Linen

** Trigger Warning: Some may find the following disturbing, It is a micro work of fiction based upon the word prompt “Linen” **

Noticing the towels hanging she leaned over and sniffed the white linens. It reminded her of a simpler time. Quietly she went back to work dismembering the rest of the corpse, wondering who he had been? Realizing she didn’t care she mindlessly took apart the last of his appendages, making sure to pocket one of the fingers as a memento. She dropped the remains into the acid bath. Satisfied with her work, she walked out of the bathroom and down the hall. Opening the locked door, she looked into the room and finally spotted the little one hiding under the bed. Wordlessly she grabbed a foot and dragged him screaming back to the bathroom and set about her grisly task…

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