Man in the Mirror Part 4

“I deserve everything in life,” he said to the man in the mirror. His reflections smiled back, in the now cleaned room. The sound of the radio disappeared and the world darkened. The mess of his room returned. The mirror is gone, in its place a broken frame. “I will not let you back, you were ruining us!” He shouted at the empty room. A low moaning sound comes from everywhere. “I will not let you break me again our life is mine now!”

The room faded away and the darkness was complete. Then before appeared himself, he sneered at his other self “You were too weak, and now you want control back. You can’t handle our life!” The vision before him stood taller, “This is my life, not ours. You are not supposed to be here.” The man growled, “You didn’t want our life, so I took it…” The image raised its hands and within it was a sword glowing and pulsing with an inner golden light. “NO!” The man screamed and turned to flee.

He ran madly but the image pursued. Running through darkened corridor after corridor. Wildly turning with no regard for anything, just trying to escape. The image with the glowing weapon never seemed to lose ground. Finally, he ran into a great open area. It was hollow and cavernous, the image paused at the entry. “I have you now,” the image said.

Too late he knew his mistake. He knew where he was. As the door shut and his prison was revealed. A solitary room of pitch black. He knew he would have to start searching for the door again, he would not be undone. The man had won for now, but this was his life, and he wanted control.

The man woke up on the floor, his radio was playing. He got up and did not recognize himself. Years had passed while he had been lost in his own mind. He looked at the man in the mirror, with tears in his eyes, and heard someone call out “Honey are you coming or not…?”


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