Man in the Mirror Part 1

“I feel hollow.” He said to the mirror. The man looking back at him asked “Why?” he stood there staring into the man on the other side. “I don’t know,” he finally said “I think I’m broken….” The man staring into his eyes smiled, not one of joy. A smirk of contempt. After what seemed an eternity the man in the mirror spoke “We are all broken, in one way or another. Do you think that makes you special?” The man stared into the eyes of his reflection. Seeing the pain, the sorrow, and the loneliness. Finally, he said “No I am not special, no one is. I’m just trying to make it through this life. Trying to find a purpose.” The man stood there maintaining eye contact “Aren’t we all?” his reflection said “Aren’t we all hoping to find something, someone, anything to make this life worth living…?”

The sound of the fan disappeared, and the world darkened around him. The reflection turned around to look at the room on his side of the mirror. “This mess!” it began gesturing towards it “This cesspit you live in! What is your excuse for that!?” The man simply stood still, and stared at the back of the head of his reflection “I… I… can’t explain it…” he started and paused only to continue “NO!” he said with venom “It’s my sorrow, my pain, the anger, and the loneliness I feel… given life….” The reflection turned back around facing him again. “LIFE!” It screamed. “Do you think yourself deserving of life!?” The reflection started to pace. “You have wasted our life, mooning over every little thing, and doing nothing to achieve any dreams we’ve had.”

The man started to cry, tears flowing forth unchecked. The reflection raged on “I have helped you when I could! Saved you countless times, but you’re in control and I’m sick of it! I’m sick of you!” The man continued to cry, his tears falling uncontrollably to the floor. The rage of the reflection intensified. It pointed at the man “You have done nothing to help us, NOTHING!” The background sound of the fan came back and the light that had left the world returned. The man with tears in his eyes looked into his reflection which had resumed its stare into him. “I am broken…” he whispered “But you are not better than me…” there was no response. His reflection continued to stare back at him, with tears in its eyes…


Continue Reading Part 2 Here

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