Mere Happenstance Part 3

Phil’s Tuesday had started off badly, he had stubbed his toe getting out of bed. Nicked himself while shaving and worst of all, he was out of coffee. He managed to get dressed and ready without too many other maladies but he was thoroughly annoyed. He was also just about out of gas. After filling up and spending way too much for a cup on his way to being late for work. His day had settled into its boring norm.

A customer would ask a question he’d answer. Another associate or manager would come grab him because only he could answer or would know and he answered. Questions and answers, it was tough being the answer man when your day didn’t start right. He was grumpy and upset, which was not normal for him. His co-workers kept on asking him if he was alright, which only increased his frustration.

He had just punched for lunch out and was walking out the door as she walked in. “Well hello,” she said with a smile. “I was hoping I’d find you here.” Phil was caught flat-footed and mumbled, “Umm… I just was heading to lunch, sorry.” Her smile widened, “Oh good! I was actually coming in to see if had time for lunch. May I join you?” He was at a loss but stammered, “Ahh sure I guess,” and then catching himself said, “I mean Yes! I would really like that Vivian?” he left the name sitting in the air. “Ahh Phil so close, but I’ll give you another try! Let’s go eat,” She responded.

She followed him to his car and got in, “I’m sorry it’s a bit messy,” he said as he looked at his backseat with one too many empty bottles of sodas in it. “No one is usually in my car with me.” If his car bothered V, she didn’t show it. She smiled and said, “I have seen worse; I was raised with four brothers.” The thought of four brothers who may hurt him crossed his mind, but he pushed it aside. No one had ever come to have lunch with him before, he was beside himself.

“Where would you like to go?” Phil asked. She looked at him and said, “Anywhere is fine, I’m easy.” Phil stopped in his tracks, “Hey that’s my line,” she looked at him with one eyebrow raised and the continued, “I mean I say that I’m easy all the time.” She grinned wickedly and asked, “Well, are you?” He started to laugh and said, “Yes I am!” She laughed with him. “God I dunno where to take you,” he said after he had pulled himself into check. She was still smiling and said “Honestly anywhere is fine, fast food probably. You only have an hour, right?” Phil looked at his clock, she was right he had already wasted 10 minutes with all of this. “Are burgers fine?” She laughed and said, “YES! Now drive I’m hungry.


Phil had pulled out her chair and seated himself after her. He was trying to remember all the simple things to do on a date. Then he tried to remind himself they weren’t on a date. This was simply lunch. V Started munching on her own fries and stole one of his before he could finish sitting down. “Hey! You got your own food,” he said laughing. As she munched on his fry she said once she had swallowed, “My youngest brother always says food taste better off of someone else plate.” She grabbed another, “He’s right,” she finished smiling and popping it in her mouth.

They ate in silence for a time, she kept stealing his fries. He knew better to not argue or complain. When she was mostly done and just slowly finishing his fries she asked, “So, are you gonna guess again?” He finished his burger and looked mournfully at his fries and said, “Guess what?” She smiled as she took his last fry, “Are you the one being coy now?” He grinned, “Maybe… hmm…. ok a V name… let’s see… how about Venessa?” She winked and said, “Nope, better luck next time.”

They finished up and he drove them back to his work. She had sung along with the radio on the way back. “You have a beautiful voice, I like hearing you sing,” he said. She actually started to turn a bit red, “Thank you, I actually don’t usually sing when I am with other people, I just like you.” Phil’s heart skipped a beat. “Yeah I like you too, I would really like to know you better.” She smiled at him, “Are you asking me out?” He paused and said, “Yes! I am, I would like to go on an actual date with you.”

She looked at him and said, “Victoria.” He stopped and looked at her saying it softly to himself. Then he said, “Well Victoria, how would you like to be basic with me and go to a movie and a dinner?” She laughed and said, “I would love that.” She walked him back to the storefront and they said their farewells. He walked into work with a smile, his day had gotten decisively better.


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