The Shadow and the Boy

The boy sat quietly playing in his room. The afternoon sun slanting through his window. The shadow approached, and the boy stopped his play to look at it. It hesitated, then finally asked, “Are you not afraid of me boy?” The young child slowly nodded his head back and forth. “Curious,” the shadow continued “Most people are afraid of our kind.”

The boy smiled and said, “I have no reason to be afraid.” The shadow paused and pondered this “Why?” it asked. The boy responded, “A shadow cannot exist without the light you are a creation of light.” The shadow had never thought of this before. “What about the night how do not know I am a part of it?”

The boy sat calmly and replied “Oh yes, the night is full of darkness, that’s true. But darkness just exists. It’s only there in the absence of light. You’re a shadow, you’re created by it.” The shadow had never considered this and asked “But still most would recoil from a shadow why not you?”

The boy pointed to the wall and then to his feet “Because you are part of me, I’m casting you onto the wall. I will never be scared of myself.” The shadow looked and realized this was true, and so he and the little boy played together until the sun had waned and then bid their goodbyes till the next day had come.


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