A Night Out

“He looks like he’s been crying,” he heard her say with concern. “He’s always crying” the manager responded dismissively to the young woman. She had asked what was wrong with the man who had just walked in. One that everyone knew and yet no one really talked to. This man could hear the exchange but … Continue reading A Night Out

The Phenomenon

Posted by Anonymous User06-12-2232 03:42 AM I was at my best friend’s birthday party when I first witnessed the phenomenon. At the age of twelve, I watched as she was complaining to her mom. Her mom was attempting to calm her when she complained, “Oh my god mom, why don’t you just kill me!” Her … Continue reading The Phenomenon

To Kiss the Bride

The skies were clear and the sun shone down upon the wedding on this first day of April. The groom and bride stood hands held upon the altar smiling at one another. The priest intoned, “If anyone may have cause to halt this wedding, speak now or forever hold your peace…”  One of the groomsmen … Continue reading To Kiss the Bride

The Redeye

“This is flight seven-four-niner making our final approach to land, please advise” The pilot relayed his message and waited. His plane had been in a holding pattern for hours and the tower had not been responding. He didn’t see any other planes on the ground taking off and he was unaware of any in the … Continue reading The Redeye