A Piece of Advice

He hugged his dad and headed towards his birthday present. “Don’t drive with your eyes closed,” His dad called out.

Rolling his eyes, he smiled and said, “yeah dad thanks for the advice.” Shaking his head, he gleefully opened the door and sat down in the classic car. Turning the key, the engine came to life. Knowing his dad was watching him he carefully pulled out of the drive and waited until he was away from the house to open her up.

The old Camaro had been his dream, he had helped his dad restore it for years. He had always assumed his dad would sell it at auction. He never imagined it would be his eighteenth birthday present. Now that he was away from the house, he pulled out his phone. He knew his dad would yell at him, but he had to tell his friends.

Tapping on the screen he realized he needed to look up and as he did, he saw the little girl with a balloon in the road. Panic filled him and he turned the wheel hard. The sound of squealing tires filled the air as he went off the side of the road and over the embankment. The ground dropped away and the car kept going down the hill and into the lake at the bottom.

The car finally came to a rest in the water and began to sink. Terror filled him as he struggled to undo the seat belt but it would not come undone. He saw her then, a little girl with a red balloon just standing along the side of the lake watching him. Confused for a moment he wondered how she had gotten down the hill.

He noticed she was drenched as if she had just come out of the water. He saw her eyes then and he froze. They were just pools of black. He was so enthralled by the site he forgot his situation. His mind became hazy and he stopped struggling. Mesmerized his body went rigid as the water rose over his head. His last thoughts were of his father as the water invaded his lungs and all went to darkness.


Inspired by a writing prompt from
The Facebook group Writer’s Island
also find them on Instagram

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