“Breath and relax,” those were the words of the instructor. “Focus on each breath, there is nothing but the in and out, relaxing your body.” The words sounded distant, everything seemed distant. The world dropped away.

 I’m floating, I think to myself. The world was below me, the stars above. I could still feel my body, but it was distant and unimportant.

I soared towards the stars, and the heavens opened up to welcome me. Before was a floating castle surrounded by clouds and stars.

Am I dead? The thought frightened me, but I could still feel my body. Feel as each breath went in and out as it sat in the meditation class. I looked around and headed for the gate.

As I approach the gates are massive seeming made for a giant. The portcullis is down, a smaller side gate seemed to be left open. Curiosity drives me onward. I enter a lonely courtyard, empty but there are stables, but much bigger than the need of any horse I know of. I hear no sounds of animals so I press on heading towards the keep.

It’s door, once again gigantic is left just enough open for me to slip inside. As I look upon the great hall, I see it is in disrepair, as though abandoned for decades. A grand staircase runs up both sides of the hall. I have to pull myself up each step one and a time. It seems easy as if I weigh nothing at all.

At the top of the stairs, I see a room off to the side with light coming out of it. I wonder who could live in such a place. As I peek into the room, I see a huge fire in a massive hearth, a very large chair, and a Giant of a man. He stares into the fire. I am curious but fearful.  I sneak into the room but stay to the sides, hiding under a tapestry. He starts to sniff at the air, as though a dog.

I hear his voice like a leaded stone “What do you want here man-child?” I stay hidden,

 I’m afraid, but I speak out “I just sort of wandered up here.”

The Giant sighs, “Man-child this is no place for you, it is no place for anyone anymore. Begone!” The giant gets up, standing miles high. I see now he is a Cyclops, his one eye red and angry.

I fear to leave my hiding spot, and I do not know how I even wound up here. I can still sense my body, as it rests.

“I don’t know how to go back,” I say trying to keep the fear from my voice.  The Cyclops starts walking towards my spot. I am frozen with fear.

“I said GO!” He bellows. He’s coming toward me, pulling back the tapestry. His one red eye is glaring at me.

I can’t move, I feel myself falling. The world I am in seems to blur and fade. I feel myself rebound, and I am sitting in class. The instructor is smiling at me everyone else is gone.

“How long?” I asked.

She smiled and said, “It’s rare to see new students fall into that deep a trance, I decided to let you enjoy it.”

I stare at the wall clock. Hours it’s been hours, “why did it seem like only a few minutes?” I asked.

“It is different for everyone and every time varies,” She responded. “If you would like to talk about it, I am here, but I recommend you sort out how you feel about it first.”

I thanked her and grabbed my things, making sure to sign up for next week’s class before I left. She smiled as she locked the door behind me, and I was left to muddle on what if anything that could have meant. Or had I simply fallen asleep sitting up?


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