Writers Island Image Prompt

Untitled That day sunlight was still touching the crests of the distant mountains. The few people who were on the ice when it happened are maybe the lucky ones. They died quickly when the surface of the ice ruptured and the booming screams of the infernals echoed across the valley. The disturbing silence that replaced … Continue reading Writers Island Image Prompt

The Hourglass

There was an emptiness in his gaze. A hollow lack of humanity. His ancient fingers grasped at the giant hourglass on the self. With shaking hands, he took it out, and despite its monstrous size as well as his apparent fragility, he turned it over. Turning to face the poor young woman strapped to the … Continue reading The Hourglass

The Heat

The young boy stood at ready and as the signal was given got into position on the starting block. The pool water was choppy but that didn’t bother him. He knew he had the slowest qualifying time in this heat. He also knew his coach tended to fudge times in order to register his swimmers … Continue reading The Heat

A Night Out

“He looks like he’s been crying,” he heard her say with concern. “He’s always crying” the manager responded dismissively to the young woman. She had asked what was wrong with the man who had just walked in. One that everyone knew and yet no one really talked to. This man could hear the exchange but … Continue reading A Night Out