An In Between Place

He was awake, there was light outside the window. As he rose out of bed, he realized his floor was completely clear. For a brief moment, rage-filled him. He wondered who had come into his room while he slept. However, he stopped himself as a thought had occurred to him.  Walking over to the light switch, he tried it. The light did not come on. So, I’m asleep he thought.

Stepping out of his body wasn’t a new experience. If anything, it was becoming a hassle. It left him unrested, and there are denizens of wherever here that are not very pleasant to deal with. But it was light out. They usually didn’t bother him as much when there was light.

He opened his door. Nothing was waiting to grab at him or say boo! So, he jumped down the stairs. He knew he’d land softly. His past experiences had taught him that much. He was going to walk into the kitchen, but something made him stop at the front door.

He had gone outside on several occasions, sometimes it was good other times not so much. More than occasionally he’d find himself somewhere other than his neighborhood. He lingered there at the door, hesitant. It’s daylight, he decided, and opening the door he stepped out.

There were people there, dressed as if for a 14th-century gala, lots of them, or at least that’s how it appeared, and standing on the porch in front of him was a woman. She was dressed in a shimmering gown of white, with raven-colored hair, but the rest of her features were lost to him.

Confusion flooded him. The world started to blur. He reached out and she grabbed his hand. She held his hand with a soft yet firm grip. He focused on her hand holding his. The world came back to focus. He tried to say something, anything.

Before he could, she spoke. Her voice was melodic and seemed familiar “You must choose me before he does.” He stammered “I… I….” The world began to blur again. “I… I… do….” He could still feel her hand holding his.

“You have to choose me before he does,” she said again adding “Before it’s too late.” He struggled to say anything wanting to will this world back into focus. “I… I….” He awoke, covered in sweat. He could still feel her hands holding his for a brief moment, and he finished “I don’t understand?”

However, it was said to an empty room. The floor was in disarray. Birds were chirping in the tree outside. He was awake, and so went about his day, unable to tell anyone, left with feelings of confusion, emptiness, loneliness, and being completely lost within our world….


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