The Strike

And there was a blinding flash, and a belt of thunder roared. When they could all see again Tom was shaking uncontrollably and all his hair was standing on end.

Greg and Jim looked at each other and Greg asked, “You ok man?” Tom slowly turned around and the front of his shirt was slowly burning away. As the singed parts separated and fell away an angry red streak showed down the length of his chest.

“Man! What happened?” Jim exclaimed.

Tom, still shaking said, “I… I… think I was just hit by lightning….”

Greg and Jim exchanged looks and at the same time said, “No way!”

 Greg continued, “That’s so cool man, how do you feel?”

Jim asked, “Yeah man, how do you feel man?”

Tom’s hair had started to fall back down to its normal state, “I dunno… I feel… I feel… different.”

Tom walked over past the other two boys, toward the edge of the clearing and raised his hand before him. Lighting leaped from his outstretched fingers and struck the nearest tree. With a loud crack and snap the tree blew apart.

“WOAHHH!” His two friends exclaimed in unison. Tom was looking at his hands, bringing them close to one another without touching and small lances of electricity started to dance between them.

“Man, that’s so cool!” Greg exclaimed. Tom looked up at him and the other boys saw his eyes which had once been brown were now a striking blue.

Tom said, “Was it cool when you told them I wet my pants in third grade?” Greg looked confused, and Ted continued, “Or how about you Jim when you told your mom that you got that magazine from me?” Both boys looked at each other worried.

“Hey man, we’re friends,” Jim said.

“Wrong, we were friends,” Tom said and before the others could utter another word, he raised both his hands. Lightning lanced forth and engulfed the two boys and they fell over their bodies a smoking mess. Tom looked at his hands again and decided he had more scores to settle and started to make his way back to town.


This story was inspired by a prompt from
The Facebook group Writer’s Island
You can also find them on Instagram

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