An Untitled Micro-Story

“Stop coming back!” She screamed as the corpse once again started to rise from the ground.

“But I love you,” its hoarse voice stated through rotten blue lips. Its eyes white and milky as it once again started to advance towards her. “Just let me love you…,” it gasped as each halting step gained momentum.

“No! you’re dead… go away… I killed you damn it, go away!” She yelled at the undead man who had once been her husband.

The corpse paused its head cocked to the side, one of its ears fell to the ground. With a guttural scream, it suddenly charged her, moving with a speed it had not possessed before. She pulled the trigger on the shotgun she had already shot it with twice, but only a hollow click came forth.

Her screams rung out as it overwhelmed her but no one could save her in a world now overrun. The other undead moved on uncaring, seeking their own revenge for life’s transgressions either real or imagined.


Inspired by a writing prompt from
The Facebook group Writer’s Island
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