Man in the Mirror Part 3

“I am no one of consequence,” he said to the man in the mirror. Silently his reflection stared back. The sound of birds outside suddenly disappeared and the world darkened. Shards of broken glass filled the room hundreds of reflections looked back eyes burning with hatred. The words echoed as if from everywhere “YOU ARE NOTHING!” they all screamed.

“No, no you’re gone…” He moaned. The voices were discordant, “You can not silence me, I am your core.” He sunk to the floor the glass cutting into him. With horror, he watched as the glass turned liquid and seeped into him. Around the rest of the room, the mirror was liquifying and coming towards him. “NO, NO,” he cried. “Leave me alone!”

He tried to stand but he felt like his limbs were made of lead. The mirror converged upon him covering him. He tried to scream and the glass invaded him. It was filling his lungs, it hurt. It hurt so bad, he felt himself fading. He was losing his control.

The world came back, the sound came back. The man was standing in front of the mirror. A smile crossed his face as he grabbed his comb and started to take care of his hair. He started to whistle and winked at his reflection. The reflection winked back with tears in its eyes…


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