Man in the Mirror Part 2

“I am no one,” he muttered to the mirror. His reflection looked on uncaring. Staring into his own eyes, he saw nothing but pain and sorrow. The room Darkened, the sound of the TV disappeared and the image moved on its own. “Are you now? Or are you less than nothing?” The specter’s eyes glowed with malicious intent as if paced back and forth. “I look at you and see a waste of humanity, why are you even up at all. Back to bed fool, lay there, and waste another day lost in daydreams…”

The man staring into the mirror buckled, falling to his knees. “I… I… don’t want to try anymore…” the words weakly flowed from him. The visage in the mirror smiled, “Then give in. Give me what I want. You don’t want to be here anymore anyways.” The man shook, tears falling in waves. His resolve waning, falling further and further into himself. “Just let me have control,” The man in the mirror said, “I can take care of it all and you can just dream.” Its eyes shone red, “You like dreaming.”

The man on the floor sat dejected and broken, “No,” he said feebly. The mirror image frowned “What?” It asked. The man stopped shaking and slowly started to rise, the further he rose the more quickly he did so. At his full height, he towered over the mirror. “NO!” He declared, a golden aura started to emanate from around him, “I will not give you control. This is my life, not yours.” The mirror cracked, a long-jagged line all the way across.

“You are nothing without me!” The Image cried, “I am your protector!” The man stood towering over the mirror, pulling back he threw his fist into the mirror. “I am my OWN SELF! I WILL protect myself!” The image in the mirror screamed wordlessly as the blow landed. The mirror shattered into pieces. As the man stood there staring the light came back to the world. The sounds of his TV once again could be heard, and across from him was his reflection, with tears in its eyes…


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