A Break in the Clouds

They walked hand in hand, the rich smell of terra and the rain filled the air. The storm had not yet caught up to them but they could see in the distance.

As the clouds gathered and grew angry the young man said to his companion, “Come on Mary Beth, we need to find cover.” He looked nervously at the approaching line. He tried to increase the pace but she stubbornly had stopped walking.

“Oh Sam, you’re such a worry wort, it’s only a bit of rain.” She laughed at him, “What do you think we’re gonna do, Melt?” She leaned over to pick a flower from the ground at her feet. Looking up at him, noticing his eyes were looking to where her dress hung open at this angle, she grinned up at him. “No storm is going to chase me away. Besides you don’t look like you’re watching the clouds anymore.” She rose with the daisy in hand and continued to smile at him.

He returned the grin and pulled her close, wrapping her within his arms. His face was within a hair’s breadth, their lips almost touching.  Eyes locked they quietly took in each other’s gaze. He closed the gap and his mouth met hers. The two of them lost in passion, his hands started to move down her back.

A deafening cracking sound rang out and the two of them jolted apart. They both covered their ears at the assault upon their senses. Looking towards the storm they both saw the clouds had broken and pieces of the sky were falling off. They watched in horror as they landed with a resounding crash. The next thing they heard was the screams that came forth as giant winged beasts emerged from the hole in the sky. Swooping down upon them, they ran as the monstrosities swarmed trailing shadows with every wing beat.

Sam retook Mary’s hand and yelled at her but it was all lost in the cacophony of screeches. The two ran as the swarm followed, diving at them. Their claws seemed to never quite grasp them, but still, they were both bleeding from numerous wounds. Exhausted they fell to the ground, huddled together as the winged demons circled. It all seemed lost they huddled crying together.

The screams stopped and Sam opened his eyes. He was laying with his head in Mary’s lap as she smiled down at him. “What happened,” he asked.

Mary still smiling said, “you’ve been dreaming.”

Sam was confused, raising up he saw he was laying in the field. He looked at Mary and was about to tell her he loved her when he heard the first rumble of thunder in the distance.


Inspired by an Writing Prompt by
The Facebook group Writer’s Island
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