The Straitjacket

The man in the straitjacket slammed himself against the padded walls repeatedly, “I’m not supposed to be here!” He screamed over and over again. He had been railing at his internment for the half an hour since he had been thrown into the cell. He was covered in sweat and as fatigue set in his attempts grew weaker and his cries faded. Finally, he sat down and started to cry.

His spent rage and sorrow were watched by the attending orderly through the small window in the door. Now that it seemed he was spent the man outside in his crisp white uniform walked away, nodding the officer who was assigned on this level of the psychiatric hospital. He walked with purpose down the well-maintained halls. Cleanliness was the head of the hospital’s main principle.

Knocking on the office door of this floors’ attending psychiatrist the orderly waited patiently for a response. He knew better than to simply walk in, it took a long moment but finally the response of, “Come in,” came from the other side. He opened the door and stepped back as a nurse walked by him giving him her thanks. He pretended to not notice that her hair was in disarray and her top two blouse buttons were buttoned wrong. Entering he waited patiently as the doctor adjusted his desk rearranging items that had somehow become disorganized.

“What can I do for you, Carl?” The Doctor finally asked.

Carl responded, “He’s finally worn himself out, Dr. Colbert. You said you wanted to be notified.”

The doctor’s eyes did not reflect his smile, “Ahh good, maybe we can talk to him now without a risk.” The doctors riffled into his lower desk drawer, pulling out a file, “Shall we?” he said rising.

Carl politely cleared his throat and said, “Dr. your belt…” Dr. Colbert quickly refastened his belt and then without a word exited the room with Carl a step behind him.

As they walked down the hall, the doctor stopped at the nurse’s station and prepared a sedative, and handed it to Carl. The orderly put the needle behind his back and followed wordlessly. As they neared the padded cell the attending officer rose in deference to the doctor.

Peering in and seeing the man sobbing the doctor ordered, “Open it.” The officer wordlessly produced his key and unlocked the door. The officer entered first, followed by Carl. When it was obvious the man would not lash out the doctor entered.

“Now… Jessie?” The doctor said pausing to see if he would respond to the name. After a few silent moments, he continued, “I’m Dr. Colbert and we are here to help you.” The man looked up and his eyes were bloodshot from all the tears. He stared at each of them in turn. Two of the three men met his gaze, the doctor flinched and fidgeted with his paperwork.

“Help…,” the words came out hoarsely, but gained strength. “Help… you all don’t care about the truth…,” he said louder and started to stand. “You don’t care why I was put here… what they want… your all fucking pawns…!” He finished at a scream. He charged at the doctor who turned tail and fled. The officer and the orderly both sizable men grabbed the man and sedated him.

As he started to fade and his words became more slurred he slumped over and drool pooling in the corners of his mouth. The orderly looked at the syringe, he knew he had been over sedated and that he probably would not last the night. The officer was walking away.

The doctor found the courage to pop his head in, “well that was violent.” Seeing the look in the orderlies eyes he nodded and walked away.

Carl sighed, he knew that this man, whoever he was, must have made the wrong enemy. He knew even if he survived tonight, he would not last in the hospital. He knew if he wanted to not face the same fate all he could do was do as he was told. Quietly cursing himself as a coward, Carl left the room and allowed the officer to relock the door, and went back about his day.


Inspired by a writing prompt from
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2 thoughts on “The Straitjacket

  1. I have to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this blog. I am hoping to check out the same high-grade blog posts by you in the future as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own, personal site now 😉


  2. My spouse and I stumbled over here coming from a different web page and thought I should check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to checking out your web page again.


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