The Internship

She had been employed for two weeks for this madman and his constant need for perfection and she had not yet been allowed into the laboratory of this supposed scientist. She was beginning to regret her decision to intern with this company. Walking down the hallway of this rundown office building she saw the man approaching, disheveled white hair, unkempt beard, and grimy lab coat.

“Ah Carolyn, come with me.” The man said not even making eye contact and seeming to be buried within his notes mumbling to himself. Wordlessly she fell in a step behind him, feeling nervous because he had barely even acknowledged her before beyond saying “Hey you,” or “woman.” The man always seemed to be lost in his notes mumbling to himself, and when he wasn’t it was only to reprimand. She had begun to think he hated her.

As they neared the sealed outer door to the laboratory complex her nervousness turned to excitement realizing she might get to see the research which she had been kept in the dark about so far.

He paused by the door and after a few silent moments she dared, “Doctor?” He looked up at her and frowned but started to rummage through his side pocket still mumbling quietly to himself. Pulling out a keycard he put it up to the sensor and the door unlocked.

“Follow me,” he said and walked into the complex. As she entered, she realized it wasn’t a complex. It was a solitary room, poorly lit with a medical gurney in its center and specimen jars holding various organs lining the counters. Fear laced through her and she took a step backward. She went to turn and run but the door sealed behind them and she had no escape.

He suddenly upon her, faster than she could have ever imagined. The doctor’s rag filled hand was pressed up against her face. He was deceptively strong and despite her struggling he easily overpowered her.

As the fumes started to overwhelm her and the darkness took hold, the last thing she heard was the doctor still mumbling under his breath, “No, that doesn’t go there…”


Inspired by a writing prompt from
The Facebook group Writer’s Island
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