The Corn Maze

“Oh, thank god, at last, I found you!” The young woman said to the young man. She continued, “Where have you been? It seems we’ve been lost in here for hours.” He was staring at the side of the corn maze and did not answer. The young woman went to shake him, “Come on, the sun has already set we need to get out of here,” as she grabbed him, he fell over and his body turned and she could see he had been disemboweled and his throat had been slashed.

She screamed at the sight, she did not know how long, the terror of it all flooded her. Turning around she lost the contents of her stomach next. After many moments of dry heaving, she was hunched over gasping for breath. It occurred to her no one had responded. There were no answering cries asking what was going on. There was no sound at all, not even insects.

Backing away from the remains she got her footing and started to try once again to find her way out. Her anxiety climbed with every moment in this eerie silence. It was unnatural. Even her footfalls seemed muffled. As if the sound was just being sucked up.

As the light continued to wane and darkness settled in, she noticed fog at her feet first. Seeming too well from the corn itself. Slowly it seemed to filter in until she was surrounded by it. The world became a haze in which she was unable to even see a few feet ahead. “Help,” she called out, “Is there anyone out there!” she tried to yell it but the words seemed to go nowhere as if eaten by the fog.

She heard a rustling first, freezing to try and identify the sound. She saw the figure appear out of the mist. A Scarecrow with a disjointed gait and a sickle dripping with gore in its hand. She was frozen in fear, as screams rang out all around her. Seeming to bombard her from every angle. She cowered as it drew closer, not knowing what to do. She started to pray, believing that her life was at its end.

Suddenly laugher burst out all around her. Looking up she saw her boyfriend standing there next to the scarecrow, wiping the red from off his neck. She saw his friends and their classmates all around laughing and pointing at her. She walked up to him and kicked him square between the legs and said, “Fuck you! We’re through,” and started to walk away as the laughter followed her until she found her way out and to her car.


Based on a writing prompt from
The Facebook group Writer’s Island
also find them on Instagram

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