The Redeye

“This is flight seven-four-niner making our final approach to land, please advise” The pilot relayed his message and waited. His plane had been in a holding pattern for hours and the tower had not been responding. He didn’t see any other planes on the ground taking off and he was unaware of any in the air with him. His flight was the redeye and he just wanted to land and get some sleep.

His patience was worn out and even though he was worried at seeing no movement on the ground, the plane was running low on fuel and he didn’t have much of a choice anymore. He had lined it up on the runway and was coming in, he would just have to hope it was a communications problem and they knew he was coming. The ground was growing ever closer as he went through the routine of landing.

Suddenly the radio sparked to life, “NO! Don’t land…” static interfered, “…mbies everywhere…” the radio signal seemed to fade came back, he then heard screams over it and then only static.

He wondered if the tower guys were messing with him, they usually had a sick sense. But it was also highly illegal to fake a message to an incoming aircraft. He’d have someone’s head for this.

As the plane touched down and he started to taxi, he saw no grounds crew. Annoyed but concerned he had no way of doing anything about it. So, he taxied as close as he could to the gate and announced over the speaker.

“We seem to be having some communications problems with the airport, I am going to enable the emergency shoots so we can all disembark. Please do so in an orderly fashion.”

Long moments went by as he went through the procedures, he watched from the cockpit as passengers started getting onto the ground. They had all gathered in a large group unsure of what to do. He knew he would have to go organize them. As he reached the top of the slide, he saw the first one. A person running full gait at the crowd and then another and another.

Suddenly there were hundreds of people running towards the plane. But something was off, besides their numbers. He watched in horror as the swarm ran into and started attacking the crowd below. Screams rang out from his passengers as they were being bitten and pulled apart by the mass of inhuman things below. He knew there was nothing he could do, as he stood at the top of the slide. It was only when he noticed them climbing the slide he broke out of his shock.

He pulled out his pocket knife and tried to pop the industrial slide. But his meager blade was no match. Panic gripped him and all he could do was scream as the first undead reached the top and overwhelmed him…


Inspired by a writing prompt from
The Facebook group Writer’s Island
Also find them on Instagram

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