The Hourglass

There was an emptiness in his gaze. A hollow lack of humanity. His ancient fingers grasped at the giant hourglass on the self. With shaking hands, he took it out, and despite its monstrous size as well as his apparent fragility, he turned it over. Turning to face the poor young woman strapped to the … Continue reading The Hourglass

The Phenomenon

Posted by Anonymous User06-12-2232 03:42 AM I was at my best friend’s birthday party when I first witnessed the phenomenon. At the age of twelve, I watched as she was complaining to her mom. Her mom was attempting to calm her when she complained, “Oh my god mom, why don’t you just kill me!” Her … Continue reading The Phenomenon

An Untitled Micro-Story

“Stop coming back!” She screamed as the corpse once again started to rise from the ground. “But I love you,” its hoarse voice stated through rotten blue lips. Its eyes white and milky as it once again started to advance towards her. “Just let me love you…,” it gasped as each halting step gained momentum. … Continue reading An Untitled Micro-Story

A Starlit Night

As I approached the swinging stranger, their momentum slowed. With each step closer they swung less and less high. Until I stood next to a small boy. He turned to me and simply pointed up at the sky. Looking up I saw the stars and then everything shifted and I was among them. Floating in … Continue reading A Starlit Night