The Heat

The young boy stood at ready and as the signal was given got into position on the starting block. The pool water was choppy but that didn’t bother him. He knew he had the slowest qualifying time in this heat. He also knew his coach tended to fudge times in order to register his swimmers … Continue reading The Heat

The Phenomenon

Posted by Anonymous User06-12-2232 03:42 AM I was at my best friend’s birthday party when I first witnessed the phenomenon. At the age of twelve, I watched as she was complaining to her mom. Her mom was attempting to calm her when she complained, “Oh my god mom, why don’t you just kill me!” Her … Continue reading The Phenomenon

Population Control

We were fools, we never learned from the past. We always took, and rarely gave back to our planet, and the price of our arrogance, would cost us everything. Some of us thought we were alone, others wished we weren’t. There were those who searched for life beyond, some who claimed it all was nonsense, … Continue reading Population Control

Follow me

She played and I watched them follow across the stream, into the woods. I was sad, I knew their fate. The witch had ensnared me years ago. Now spellbound, I watched from the shadows of my mind as the man I had become scouted her every meal. Children were soft and tender and her appetite … Continue reading Follow me