Say My Name

“Say it again,” she asked as she laid in his arms.

“Jessica…,” he responded with his southern drawl letting the word slowly fall between them.

She turned her head to look up at him, as she lay on his chest. “I love the way my name sounds when you say it,” she smiled at him, her eyes bright. He pulled her up to him and their mouths met. They were lost within the moment and did not hear the footsteps.

There was a sudden loud knock on the door and the words, “This is the police,” rang out. He tossed her over him and onto the floor behind the bed in the small motel room. Grabbing his guns as the door was smashed in. He didn’t hesitate and both pistols rang out in answer to the sudden intrusion.

The response was instant and lethal. As his bullet-riddled body slumped over on the bed the first man in the room went to check for a pulse. She rose up screaming wordlessly shotgun in hand and took off his head. The other officers had no choice but to respond. The night rang out with gunfire again.

An hour later the investigating detective turns to his partner, “Such a shame, he kidnaps her, brainwashes her and they turn Bonny and Clyde.”

The female detective responds, “I wouldn’t feel bad for either of them, they killed fifteen people all told. I’m not really sure which of them was calling the shots. From what I have pieced together it may have been her plan all along to rob all those banks.”

The night wore on and as the scene was wrapped up and the bodies were taken away. A lone figure slipped quietly into the room after everyone else had gone, slipping out a few moments later with a large bundle in a garbage bag that was dripping with water. The figure made its way quietly down the street peeking into the bag only for a moment to make sure all the money was still there and then it disappeared into the city.


Based on a writing prompt from
The Facebook group Writer’s Island
also find them on Instagram

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