The Date

He had always been short, only reaching the height of five-six. A fact he was well-aware of as he rang the doorbell. He heard a call of, “Just a minute.” A long moment passed as he held the bouquet, he had bought her nervously. He heard footsteps approaching the door and he did his best to swallow the lump in his throat. The door opened and there she was.

Her legs seemed to go on forever until they came to a tight mini-skirt that wrapped around her waist snuggly. Her midsection was bare, the top she wore was flowing with spaghetti straps and covered her just barely. It let the mind wander to all the possibilities. And as his eyes scanned up all of her. He looked all the way up his neck craned back she stood before him at her glorious height of six-seven. His eyes finally came to rest on her beautiful blue eyes, and he noticed her raised eyebrow.

Clearing his throat, he said hastily, “Umm… I bought these for you.” He handed her the flowers. Her face lit up and she thanked him and asked him to wait a moment as she set them inside. He took the moment of reprieve to calm himself.

When she came back, she put her hand in his, and the two of them started walking down to the local bar. She talked about how she knew everyone and how he had better behave. His nervousness grew with each syllable uttered. As they walked, he noticed the stares from the surrounding neighbors. He thought he heard a few joking comments being made. If she noticed, she gave no hint. Smiling at him every time their eyes met.

When they got to the bar everyone greeted her warmly and he got more than a few cross glances. He did his best to be charming and ignore the unprovoked dislike. They sat and talked, for a long time, sharing stories of their pasts. She told him of her dream to be a pro basketball player and how close she was to achieving it. He listened and responded when it helped her continue her story. He was fascinated by her.

Then she asked him, “What about you? What are your dreams?”

He looked into her eyes and smiled saying, “I think I’m living my dream right now…” She turned red and he quickly said, “Umm I mean… well I am an architect… or I am a journeyman one at least.” His own temperature rising. He did his best to calm himself as he continued, “My dream is to become a Master Architect and open my own firm.”

Her eyes had not left him as he spoke. Suddenly she was leaning in across the table eyes closed and he knew this was his moment he leaned back but he could not reach over to meet her lips. Laughter suddenly broke out then from across the room. Her eyes now opened she was looking at a group of men who were in hysterics. Before he could say anything, she got up and walked over to them.

“Do you all have a problem with who I date?” She asked, towering over all of them. They all were swallowing their tongues and looking at their feet. “You all are just jealous… and you know what…,” she paused for dramatic effect, “He’s gonna get lucky tonight, so ya’ll just enjoy knowing that.” She came back and asked him, “Do you mind if we leave?”

He said, “No that’s fine.” The tab was brought and they split it down the middle neither one arguing.

As they walked back in silence, she took his hand in hers and pulled him to a stop. “I am sorry,” she said eyes downcast, “I know most men don’t like it when I take charge.”

He stood there silently for a moment and then finally said, “I wasn’t sure what to say about it, but honestly it was badass.” She looked up from the ground and into his eyes. He continued, “I doubt I could have done anything nearly as effective… it was honestly kinda hot!” he smiled at her.

Her eyes were alive now as she looked at him, once again she was leaning in closing them and he did his best to reach up and their mouths met. They kissed for long moments.

Then in the silence of the night, someone cried out, “Get a room!”

She started laughing as did he and they broke apart. She suddenly yelled back, “Oh we’re gonna!” Then looking down at him smiling she said, “I was serious you are going to get lucky tonight.” They kissed again, then the two of them made their way back to her place filled with laughter and playfulness. He did not come back out till midday.


Based on a writing prompt from
The Facebook group Writer’s Island
Also find them on Instagram

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