An Excerpt From a Broken Dream

And he was awake. He felt a slight sensation of annoyance because he’d rather not be. The kind of awareness where sleep was not going to find him again. He got out of bed, took a few steps, and froze. I’m not awake he realized. Stepping over to check the light switch to test this thought, he found he was right. He felt more annoyed than anything else, he’d rather be having true sleep or actually be awake at this moment. He closed his eyes and focused on waking up.

He found himself in bed, and he got up. Looking around he stopped, sighed if such a thing was possible here, checked the lights, and found out he was still somewhere other than awake, or asleep. He closed his eyes and focused on opening them. When he did, he found himself in bed, so he arose, and walked over to the lights, but they didn’t work. Annoyance flashed through him, tempered with frustration. So, he closed his eyes and focused on opening them.

He found himself in bed, and as he got out, he knew he wasn’t awake. Now an eerie sensation took hold of him. He felt something else, something that he feared was holding him here, and not allowing him to wake. So, he did about the foolhardiest thing he could and cried out “show yourself!” and it did. His vision blurred and returned rapidly. This was not a new sensation for him in this branch of reality, if it can be called such. But now, it held a more of a dreamscape feel. As if he entered a divided reality or a crossing between two realms. Perhaps it was one completely different from where he ever been.

A little girl walked by him, murmuring words at him unintelligible. His vision turned to follow her but he forced it forward, crying out again “Show yourself!” And there she was, or maybe it. It looked like a woman at first, but the size of the head was wrong and misshapen, the eyes were too big. It started to talk, and the landscape around it turned crimson. Fear shook him, as it whispered “Join us, he has his eyes on you, just say yes!”

Like a mantra it repeated its self over and over, he could move all he could do was cry “NO!” he felt his resolve fading, he didn’t want to give in. he feared what would happen if he did. Then he did the only thing he could think of, he put his hand on its face and cried out “The power of Christ compels you!” within this moment in a moment he stopped and momentarily stepped out of the dream or where ever he was, and thought to himself “Did I really just fucking say that!” he almost wanted to laugh, as he looked at the dreamscape from the outside, endless darkness silhouetting around the vision before him.

As looked back into the vision he was shocked to realize it was working. Smoke streamed out between his fingers and the thing was screaming in pain. He jumped back into dreamscape angry now, “I’m a warrior priest!” He screamed as it did. “I’m A…” He went to throw his other hand on the creature, and he found himself awake, in his bed, eyes wide open. He rose and checked the lights. They worked; he knew he was finally awake. So, he went about his day, unable to comprehend or share the visions of the night before….


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