Writers Island Image Prompt

Untitled That day sunlight was still touching the crests of the distant mountains. The few people who were on the ice when it happened are maybe the lucky ones. They died quickly when the surface of the ice ruptured and the booming screams of the infernals echoed across the valley. The disturbing silence that replaced … Continue reading Writers Island Image Prompt

The Hourglass

There was an emptiness in his gaze. A hollow lack of humanity. His ancient fingers grasped at the giant hourglass on the self. With shaking hands, he took it out, and despite its monstrous size as well as his apparent fragility, he turned it over. Turning to face the poor young woman strapped to the … Continue reading The Hourglass

An Untitled Micro-Story

“Stop coming back!” She screamed as the corpse once again started to rise from the ground. “But I love you,” its hoarse voice stated through rotten blue lips. Its eyes white and milky as it once again started to advance towards her. “Just let me love you…,” it gasped as each halting step gained momentum. … Continue reading An Untitled Micro-Story

The First Thaw

The first spring thaw had finally come. The snow and ice had all begun to melt in earnest. Two young boys ventured beyond the safety of the village and into the Direwood. They pranced along on this warm day shouting and encouraging each other to go deeper into this forbidden place. “Come on, Joseph,” called … Continue reading The First Thaw