The Hourglass

There was an emptiness in his gaze. A hollow lack of humanity. His ancient fingers grasped at the giant hourglass on the self. With shaking hands, he took it out, and despite its monstrous size as well as his apparent fragility, he turned it over. Turning to face the poor young woman strapped to the table, he grinned as the grains of sand started to pour.

“Please,” she begged, “I won’t tell anyone what I found here… Please, just let me go!”

His yellowed broken smile broadened mockingly. “Now, now,” his voice came out in a rasp. “I fear I cannot just let you go…” He paused, looking back at the running sands. “At least not until I have extracted the price for trespass.”

Slowly as she watched, his stature and bearings seemed to change as the sand was pouring. She saw as he began to stand taller, his skin smoothed, he was becoming younger. He smiled again and she noticed his teeth were no longer yellow nor were they broken.

Horror filled her and she looked at her own arms and hands strapped next to her head. She saw as they became aged, slowly wrinkling before her. “What are you doing to me?” She asked and didn’t recognize her own voice. Her melodic tone had become hoarse and raspy.

He ignored her until finally when the last grain of sand fell, he stood before her a young man in his prime. Dark haired and handsome he smiled once again with perfect teeth his eyes still devoid of anything that could be called human. “You are free to go,” he simply said and her constraints undid themselves and he left her.

She laid there fearfully for a long time, finally, she tried to stand up and instantly fell to the ground. Struggling she grasped and pulled on the table legs until she was finally able to rise. She held onto the table for several moments and then slowly and painfully she started to walk in her now aged body. She made her way towards the exit of the tower.

The door opened before her and the desert which surrounded this forgotten relic seemed to call to her. She didn’t know how she would make it back across the dunes back to civilization. Who would believe her that the stories about an immortal Necromancer were true? Would anyone even recognize her?

These thoughts weighed heavily and she never even realized she had stepped outside until she heard the door slam behind her. Turning around only to find the tower gone. It had simply vanished and she now stood in the middle of an endless sea of sand. Realizing she did not see the camel nor the supplies she had brought with her she fell to her knees as the sun shone mercilessly overhead.

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