An Ocean Cruise

He stared at the endless horizon as he held onto the port-side railing. The swells of the ocean barely noticeable while onboard the giant cruise ship. He had been pestered to take some time off for himself. To “get away” they all kept telling him he needed it. Some relaxation after the project was finished. As he stood there watching the sunset, he had to admit it was a good idea.

“Hello there,” He heard a female voice say. Turning around he found a tall, brunette woman in a swimsuit that left little to the imagination.

“Umm… hey,” he returned nervously, he had not ever been good with women and his eyes wandered to all of her ampleness.

She smiled at him, “My eyes are up here,” she said.

“S… Sorry… you… you’re just so beautiful.” He said as he tried to control his wandering gaze.

She laughed, “Thank you, now what are you doing out here all alone?” She drew closer and he could smell the scent of coconut.

“Well… I was watching the sunset; you never see them like this where I work.” She smiled now within arm’s reach. He could see her brown eyes wear a soft amber and there was a touch of green in the center.

“Oh?” she said, “And where do you work?”

His eyes went to his shoes and he responded, “I can’t talk about it, it’s classified.”

Her hand went to cup his chin pulling his gaze to her own, “Classified?” She smiled at him and his heart skipped a beat, “How intriguing.”

As the last rays of sunlight started to fade, she leaned in close and whispered, “Well Mr. Classified how’d you like to get lucky, cause your just my kinda nerd.”

She was so close he could feel the heat of her body and his own responding to it he said, “Yeah… I mean… umm yes, your room or mine?”

She smiled and took his hand in hers, “Yours,” she responded, “Lead the way.” He could not believe his luck and as he led her into the ship and down to his quarters, she occasionally whispered her intent into his ear and pressed her body against his.

He fumbled with his keycard but eventually got into the room. The moment they entered she was upon him, hands moving over his every inch. Her mouth over his, her tongue thrust into his own. He had never felt so lucky. As they worked their way over to the bed, she threw him down.

Looking over she asked suddenly “Is that your work laptop?”

He was so intoxicated by her he simply answered “Yes.”

Her demeanor instantly changed, the smile disappeared, before he knew what was going on, she lunged for him grappling him. He was suddenly full of fear as she worked her arms around his neck and began to squeeze the life from him. He tried to fight but he was a scientist and had never been in a fight.

As the world faded away from him, he heard her say out loud, “The Target has been eliminated, the package is in hand. What are my orders…”


This story was written in a response to a writing prompt
From the Facebook group Writer’s Island
You can also find it on Instagram

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