Man in the Mirror part 5

“I am nothing! I don’t want to be here anymore…” He stood in the bathroom, shower running. His wife had left him, he was on the verge of losing his job. No one wanted to believe he didn’t know them or what he was doing. He had been nothing, but the other him had made something out of them. Now he was just a waste of everyone’s time again.

He stared at his reflection, “This is your fault!” He held a razor to his wrist. Before he could draw it, the world darkened and the sounds of running water disappeared. He stood in the shadow world of his mind. “Have you come to tell me, you told me so?” He yelled, “That I was never good enough?” He stood and drew his golden sword.

Silence was all that responded. He walked from this version of his bathroom, throughout his house, seeing it was before she left. She had begged him to seek help, declaring her love for him. She wouldn’t listen to him as he said he didn’t know her. Her tears and her love are gone now. He didn’t know if that was good or not.

A shadow appeared, “There you are, come to get me at last.” He said, but his vigor was drained he was so very tired. He didn’t even want the control anymore. “Well come and get some,” he said weakly. He didn’t care anymore, he ruined everything he touched. Maybe he didn’t deserve control.

The shadow had not said anything, he charged it swinging wildly. It stepped aside and grabbed his arm. At the first contact, a light appeared between the shadow’s fingers and his arm. The shadow spoke, “I do not wish to control you anymore, I wish to join you.” He tried to pull away, he was afraid but the shadow’s hand was passing into him.

He wanted to run, scream, anything, but he was held firm. The shadow wrapped itself around him, “I know it is hard, but we are supposed to be one.” Light shone out as the shadow melded into him. A shining figure now stood. It walked back to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and it saw itself for what it was.

The light came back to the world, the sound of the shower returned. The man looked into the mirror and remembered everything. He set down the razor. All of his life was laid before him, even the accident from when he was little, the head trauma that had caused all of this. He looked at his smiling reflection with tears in its eyes and grabbed his phone to call his wife.


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