The Hourglass

There was an emptiness in his gaze. A hollow lack of humanity. His ancient fingers grasped at the giant hourglass on the self. With shaking hands, he took it out, and despite its monstrous size as well as his apparent fragility, he turned it over. Turning to face the poor young woman strapped to the … Continue reading The Hourglass

An In Between Place

He was awake, there was light outside the window. As he rose out of bed, he realized his floor was completely clear. For a brief moment, rage-filled him. He wondered who had come into his room while he slept. However, he stopped himself as a thought had occurred to him.  Walking over to the light … Continue reading An In Between Place

An Excerpt From a Broken Dream

And he was awake. He felt a slight sensation of annoyance because he’d rather not be. The kind of awareness where sleep was not going to find him again. He got out of bed, took a few steps, and froze. I’m not awake he realized. Stepping over to check the light switch to test this … Continue reading An Excerpt From a Broken Dream

The Taste of Her Lips

The taste of her lips still lingered as he lay content, idly watching the news. He could hear her in the shower. Smiling at the newly forged memory of a one-night stand, he was about to flip through the channels when the news story changed and her picture was suddenly on the TV. He watched … Continue reading The Taste of Her Lips