To Kiss the Bride

The skies were clear and the sun shone down upon the wedding on this first day of April. The groom and bride stood hands held upon the altar smiling at one another.

The priest intoned, “If anyone may have cause to halt this wedding, speak now or forever hold your peace…”

 One of the groomsmen spoke up suddenly, “I love her and I’m having her baby!”

Laughter echoed throughout the cliffside clearing and the groom and bride joined in, “Shut up Steve!” The groom said and then noticing the confused look on the holy man’s face said, “It’s an inside joke, I dunno why we picked April Fool’s day for this”

The priest cleared his throat and proceed, “By the holy power entrusted to me I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss the bri…” his last words trailed off as sudden darkness enveloped the procession. The sun simply seemed to disappear and utter darkness came over them all.

There was a sudden horrific scream from the ocean down below the cliffs and a behemoth rose out of the depths. The giant monstrosity was a writhing mass of tentacles. Reaching out grabbing wedding-goers. People screamed and ran as others were snatched from their midst. The groom and bride held onto each other and watching in horror as their guest were thrown into the many toothed jaws of this monster.

The best man grabbed the couple and started to force them to flee, running for their cars. People were spread out everywhere as the monster continued to bellow. Suddenly there was an explosion and they watched as a helicopter came flying in overhead followed by the sounds of many vehicles. The three watched as troops and tanks and more airstrikes started to attack the beast.

They were escorted by soldiers to safety as the battle continued to rage behind them. Sitting in a military tent they were all told they needed to stay there, that these things had started to appear all over the world. It was an invasion and that the military would do everything they could to take care of them.

In the tent, they found the priest had survived, and quietly they finished the ceremony. As the two kissed to seal their marriage they knew the world was forever changed but at least they had each other.


Inspired by a writing prompt
From the Facebook group Writer’s Island
Also find them on Instagram

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