A Break in the Clouds

They walked hand in hand, the rich smell of terra and the rain filled the air. The storm had not yet caught up to them but they could see in the distance. As the clouds gathered and grew angry the young man said to his companion, “Come on Mary Beth, we need to find cover.” … Continue reading A Break in the Clouds

The Order of the Burning Rose

The Order of the Burning Rose stood at my doorstep. Their armor rattling as they set about their task. I had been condemned for witchcraft and was set to the stake. “Do you have any last words, witch?” their leader said with contempt. I Stood quietly, knowing no words could save me. The headmaster came … Continue reading The Order of the Burning Rose

The Deadwood

I traveled down the worn path going through the Deadwood. The chill in the air showing with each exhale. The light was fading and darkness seemed to permeate from the trees themselves. Fear started to grow inside of me as the world I knew seemed to disappear. The branches seemed to be reaching for me … Continue reading The Deadwood

Follow me

She played and I watched them follow across the stream, into the woods. I was sad, I knew their fate. The witch had ensnared me years ago. Now spellbound, I watched from the shadows of my mind as the man I had become scouted her every meal. Children were soft and tender and her appetite … Continue reading Follow me