A Night Out

“He looks like he’s been crying,” he heard her say with concern. “He’s always crying” the manager responded dismissively to the young woman. She had asked what was wrong with the man who had just walked in. One that everyone knew and yet no one really talked to. This man could hear the exchange but … Continue reading A Night Out

Man in the Mirror Part 1

“I feel hollow.” He said to the mirror. The man looking back at him asked “Why?” he stood there staring into the man on the other side. “I don’t know,” he finally said “I think I’m broken….” The man staring into his eyes smiled, not one of joy. A smirk of contempt. After what seemed … Continue reading Man in the Mirror Part 1

Man in the Mirror Part 2

“I am no one,” he muttered to the mirror. His reflection looked on uncaring. Staring into his own eyes, he saw nothing but pain and sorrow. The room Darkened, the sound of the TV disappeared and the image moved on its own. “Are you now? Or are you less than nothing?” The specter’s eyes glowed … Continue reading Man in the Mirror Part 2

Man in the Mirror Part 3

“I am no one of consequence,” he said to the man in the mirror. Silently his reflection stared back. The sound of birds outside suddenly disappeared and the world darkened. Shards of broken glass filled the room hundreds of reflections looked back eyes burning with hatred. The words echoed as if from everywhere “YOU ARE … Continue reading Man in the Mirror Part 3