Writers Island Image Prompt


That day sunlight was still touching the crests of the distant mountains. The few people who were on the ice when it happened are maybe the lucky ones. They died quickly when the surface of the ice ruptured and the booming screams of the infernals echoed across the valley. The disturbing silence that replaced the ear-splitting nose made it seem as if nature itself stood still. In the center of the lake, the abyss gate now stood. A portal to another dimension, glowing with an eerie purplish light.

Those on the shoreline who had regained their feet, began to run when the first giant clawed hand came forth and the winged beast that followed took only a moment before it chased after. They flooded out into our reality, the stuff of nightmares. They did not care for anything we had. All they wanted was to feed on us.

I lay hidden under the corpse of my brother as I watched the richest man in town beg and plead with one of those demons. But just like everyone else, the screams he made as his soul was torn from his body and devoured will forever haunt me.

I hid and somehow survived the first few days, finding others along the way in the weeks that followed. We were always running staying away from any towns we knew of. Eventually, we came across soldiers and we were escorted to a makeshift base in the wilderness.

I had been there for three days and I knew something was not right. There could be no way they do not know we were there. I was getting ready to try to sneak off in the night when I saw the commander talking to one of them. I could not hear what transpired but it was obvious whatever it was, it completely understood him.

I made it out just in time, I could hear the screams of those behind me and when I looked back I saw soldiers still surrounding the parameter most looking away from what I can only assume was a gruesome sight. Knowing they had betrayed their fellow man. In order to live another day.

I will not make that mistake again. I will not trust anyone. Our world is over, it is at its end. It is everyone for themselves now…


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