Mere Happenstance Part 1

There was nothing better than Thursdays for Phil. He would constantly joke about how everything of great importance happened on a Thursday, or at least what was important to him. It was all about Thursdays for him, he joked that when the world ended, it would be on a Thursday, or maybe if the universe … Continue reading Mere Happenstance Part 1

Mere Happenstance Part 2

It was Monday and Phil’s day had been terrible. His job at the Hardware Giant had been grating on him for years now. He kept going out of habit more than desire. Retail was thankless and today he had been dragged back and forth across the warehouse by every manager and supervisor. He knew it … Continue reading Mere Happenstance Part 2

Mere Happenstance Part 3

Phil’s Tuesday had started off badly, he had stubbed his toe getting out of bed. Nicked himself while shaving and worst of all, he was out of coffee. He managed to get dressed and ready without too many other maladies but he was thoroughly annoyed. He was also just about out of gas. After filling … Continue reading Mere Happenstance Part 3

Mere Happenstance Part 4

Phil was nervous as he pulled up to Victoria’s apartment. Pacing a bit before he climbed the stairs to the second level. Finding her number, he stood silently outside. His worries and fear were getting the better of him. Still, he raised his fist and knocked solidly doing the aged old shave and a haircut … Continue reading Mere Happenstance Part 4