A Piece of Advice

He hugged his dad and headed towards his birthday present. “Don’t drive with your eyes closed,” His dad called out. Rolling his eyes, he smiled and said, “yeah dad thanks for the advice.” Shaking his head, he gleefully opened the door and sat down in the classic car. Turning the key, the engine came to … Continue reading A Piece of Advice

The Smell of Fresh Linen

** Trigger Warning: Some may find the following disturbing, It is a micro work of fiction based upon the word prompt "Linen" ** Noticing the towels hanging she leaned over and sniffed the white linens. It reminded her of a simpler time. Quietly she went back to work dismembering the rest of the corpse, wondering … Continue reading The Smell of Fresh Linen


She had been bound, and she had been broken repeatedly. The scars a testament to her time here, being held by this thing. She would rather not think of him as a man. It was a thing, horrid and scared just like her. He came in the night and she could see the sun starting … Continue reading Bound

Stay Here

“Stay here.” Those were the last words she said to me before she risked the shopping market. And so, I am quietly hunched in the nearby bushes like a newborn fawn. We had been on the run for what seemed like years now, but I think it’s only been a few weeks since they came. … Continue reading Stay Here