An In Between Place

He was awake, there was light outside the window. As he rose out of bed, he realized his floor was completely clear. For a brief moment, rage-filled him. He wondered who had come into his room while he slept. However, he stopped himself as a thought had occurred to him.  Walking over to the light … Continue reading An In Between Place

An Excerpt From a Broken Dream

And he was awake. He felt a slight sensation of annoyance because he’d rather not be. The kind of awareness where sleep was not going to find him again. He got out of bed, took a few steps, and froze. I’m not awake he realized. Stepping over to check the light switch to test this … Continue reading An Excerpt From a Broken Dream


“Breath and relax,” those were the words of the instructor. “Focus on each breath, there is nothing but the in and out, relaxing your body.” The words sounded distant, everything seemed distant. The world dropped away.  I’m floating, I think to myself. The world was below me, the stars above. I could still feel my … Continue reading Meditation

A Shadow

The cat sat there looking at him, or maybe into him. He could not place why it was so unsettling. It’s only a cat. He had only been outside for a few moments, smoking a cigarette when he noticed it. It sat across the way and stared at him. He didn’t know how long it … Continue reading A Shadow