A Starlit Night

As I approached the swinging stranger, their momentum slowed. With each step closer they swung less and less high. Until I stood next to a small boy. He turned to me and simply pointed up at the sky.

Looking up I saw the stars and then everything shifted and I was among them. Floating in the aeither I heard soft music, it seemed familiar but I could not place it. As my mind tried to absorb my situation again there was a shift.

I stood before a great city within clouds, the tall spires reaching upwards to touch a pink sky. I saw thousands of people floating about going in many directions. The music was louder now, it seemed to speak to me in a way I had long forgotten. As I tried to focus on it the world shifted again.

Gone was the city, I stood now in a grand hall, and before me was a woman with a lute. She played and sang a melody that reminded me of childhood. She was beautiful and familiar. I felt my mind tugging at me, of a time I scarcely remember. Of her, of my father, of…

I awoke lying in bed and in the dark of the night old memories long forgotten rose. With tears in my eyes, I softly called out, “I miss you too mom…”


Inspired by an image prompt from
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